(These all had photos taken of so the colour is quite off from the original in many of these even after photoshop adjustments OTL;)

Because of Tumblr’s photo upload limit, here’s 10 out of 15 pieces that I submitted for my Sheridan College Bachelor of Illustrations portfolio! I’ve never really tried much heavy realism or still life before, so it was a challenging new experience for me to put together this portfolio. I got the acceptance last sunday which I just saw today, and I felt that I should upload my portfolio for aspiring students that are looking for more examples of accepted portfolios * o *. I didn’t do the best job out there, but I know from experience that it’s good to have as much examples as possible when preparing..!

My full portfolio can be downloaded here and my drawing test here.

Again, mine is quite on the mediocre side, but I’m hopeful that it can help at least someone out there T v T)9 I’ll update with my overall score once I recieve it!


[writes paper] this doesnt make any sense [prints it] [doesn’t proofread] [hands it in for a grade]



yknow, i’ve seen a lot of posts analyzing haru’s nightmare and rin and haru’s fight from last episode, but im honestly shocked at the lack of attention this scene has. 

we’ve been seeing all season that makoto is struggling with what he wants to do when he gets out of high school. he probably never thought he’d be able to make it to the big leagues because his talent wasn’t up there with haru and rin’s. he’s jealous of rin because he could never ignite that spark in haru that rin can when they swim. haru is constantly being targeted by scouts. makoto probably feels like he’s being left behind. 

but right here. this is the first time makoto is being told that his talent is worth something. even if he has decided on what he wants to do after graduation (i.e., studying in tokyo, working at the iwatobi swim club, etc.), this is the only time makoto has heard he has the potential to keep swimming. and it’s not from his best friend or his teammates or his teachers - it’s from rin.

obviously rin’s goal is to swim professionally and make it to the olympics. but up to this point makoto had assumed he was only interested in whether or not haru was taking his future into consideration. rin is also worried about makoto. not many people remember that makoto and rin are very close friends because they don’t have the same bond with each other that they both have with haru. but all season rin has been worrying about them both and rin wants them both to consider swimming professionally, not just for their future’s sake, but so he can continue swimming with his friends. 

Emphasis added. At the cherry blossom pool, Rin did ask both Haru and Makoto what their plans were for the future, after all.


Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 12


The Utonium House - Throughout the Day - Backgrounds from the Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed”

Timelapse wizardry by Stephane Coedel


The real Sphinx are a huge pair of dorks, especially Nine.


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito tells us about how he finally made some friends after all those past school years, where he didn’t make any.

Ishikawa Kaito: In middle school I didn’t really have any friends, as well in high school and in university I didn’t get a chance.

Saito Soma: Hey! Hey! Hey!

(Ishikawa Kaito laughing)

Ishikawa Kaito: But as of now…

Sakuya Shunsuke: There’s a lot now.

Ishikawa Kaito: Yes, there’s a lot in this industry. 

Announcer: Hey! Hey! Shouldn’t you feel sorry for Saito-kun right now?

Ishikawa Kaito: He even backed me up, I’m sorry.

Saito Soma: Geez! No way!

Ishikawa Kaito: Umm…

(Saito Soma taps on Ishikawa Kaito’s head)


[D-53] gingrish

Gingrish Part 1 | 2

nice catch • number one より only one だろう! • 人生 hit and run なんだよ! • chaaaange! change お願いします! • final answer?! • final answer じゃねぇ! • orthodox ですけど! • pants とか panty とか ノパンとか • あれだね。。。 t-back • domestic violence • neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong 砲だよ。 • 銀です~ just do it! • okay~ • oh yayyy! • 青森 apple • オイMichael Jackson はないだろう そりゃお前くしゃみじゃ Janet Jackson! • Shake it up baby! • fiction! • 信じるんだ inspiration 感じるんだ imagination • Edith Hanson! •  stay tuned~ •  信じて信じて believe~ • shut up! そして die~ • one more say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケェェェェ!) • positive thinking • happy birthday to you • independence day • play だ。 play~ • YOU, なったのかい • cattle mutilation • Hey! 123! • golden retriever の ウンコ • never give uuuup~ • beginner’s luck •  行けぇぇぇぇ! cheap impact! • exactly! • justaway から runaway! • help me, な? • what do you say? • that’s true~ • okay okay~ uh huh. okay~ • Hey! タカティン hey! • mission complete~

Oh Sehun for Grazia Magazine


airport selfie

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