Are they same people? :D haha

Gun-chan, Cheer up XD XD

Sooyoung stealing the spotlight at 2014 Miss Korea like she predicted


☆ Updates regarding WORLD TOUR 3rd tickets [06/24/2014] ☆

11/09, Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles tickets will be available here with pre-sale available at the 26th of June at 10:00AM (PDT) and general sale available on the 27th of June 09:00AM (PDT)
  • All tickets are standing general admission


hi I am super into sports anime right now but

I’m willing to do most thangs I need to get warmed up



Luhan - 140601 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Hong Kong

Credit: Gaoxuyuo.


Loose hips … explode ovaries?

Context: Ishikawa had played a clip of Kishow singing Modern Strange Cowboy from the G6 show. The four young male seiyuu on the show were then asked to lipsync a performance for the audience. After the first two were fairly tepid, Taniyama talks to them about how women want something sexy, and Ishikawa urged him to demonstrate, and oh how he does.

It’s worth noting the next guy did better … and then the last boy … well, he put a riding crop to good use. It’s a good thing I missed that the first time or my howls of  laughter would’ve woken the whole hall.

Review: Monoprice 19" Tablet Monitor - Wacom Take Heed


Wacom has long held the crown as the top maker of graphics tablet hardware, but they have not iterated upon the technology in meaningful ways. The products have remained staid and safe and prices are high as ever. Graphics tablets are a market ripe for disruption.

The Monoprice 19”…



Kevin Wada is on top of the world with his X-Men Fashion

I am crazy about Kevin Wada’s superhero fashion.



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