The Utonium House - Throughout the Day - Backgrounds from the Powerpuff Girls Special “Dance Pantsed”

Timelapse wizardry by Stephane Coedel


The real Sphinx are a huge pair of dorks, especially Nine.


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito tells us about how he finally made some friends after all those past school years, where he didn’t make any.

Ishikawa Kaito: In middle school I didn’t really have any friends, as well in high school and in university I didn’t get a chance.

Saito Soma: Hey! Hey! Hey!

(Ishikawa Kaito laughing)

Ishikawa Kaito: But as of now…

Sakuya Shunsuke: There’s a lot now.

Ishikawa Kaito: Yes, there’s a lot in this industry. 

Announcer: Hey! Hey! Shouldn’t you feel sorry for Saito-kun right now?

Ishikawa Kaito: He even backed me up, I’m sorry.

Saito Soma: Geez! No way!

Ishikawa Kaito: Umm…

(Saito Soma taps on Ishikawa Kaito’s head)


[D-53] gingrish

Gingrish Part 1 | 2

nice catch • number one より only one だろう! • 人生 hit and run なんだよ! • chaaaange! change お願いします! • final answer?! • final answer じゃねぇ! • orthodox ですけど! • pants とか panty とか ノパンとか • あれだね。。。 t-back • domestic violence • neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong 砲だよ。 • 銀です~ just do it! • okay~ • oh yayyy! • 青森 apple • オイMichael Jackson はないだろう そりゃお前くしゃみじゃ Janet Jackson! • Shake it up baby! • fiction! • 信じるんだ inspiration 感じるんだ imagination • Edith Hanson! •  stay tuned~ •  信じて信じて believe~ • shut up! そして die~ • one more say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケェェェェ!) • positive thinking • happy birthday to you • independence day • play だ。 play~ • YOU, なったのかい • cattle mutilation • Hey! 123! • golden retriever の ウンコ • never give uuuup~ • beginner’s luck •  行けぇぇぇぇ! cheap impact! • exactly! • justaway から runaway! • help me, な? • what do you say? • that’s true~ • okay okay~ uh huh. okay~ • Hey! タカティン hey! • mission complete~

Oh Sehun for Grazia Magazine


airport selfie


Are they same people? :D haha

Gun-chan, Cheer up XD XD

Sooyoung stealing the spotlight at 2014 Miss Korea like she predicted


☆ Updates regarding WORLD TOUR 3rd tickets [06/24/2014] ☆

11/09, Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles tickets will be available here with pre-sale available at the 26th of June at 10:00AM (PDT) and general sale available on the 27th of June 09:00AM (PDT)
  • All tickets are standing general admission


hi I am super into sports anime right now but

I’m willing to do most thangs I need to get warmed up


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